Analyse the statement Mental illness is a social problem

Analyse the statement Mental illness is a social problem . To examine this question draw on one or two of the concepts of class poverty ethnicity gender or race. Pick a case study to use in this assignment Topic is Alzheimers case study.
Hints and Tips for Framework
sociology of illness case study social determinants ie class/poverty.
Using one theory only Deviance Sentence starter Discourse analyse to look at case study Alzheimers from a perspective of deviance. Some of the arguments made by these scholars around deviance and how it happens. There are criticisms by other medical scholars working in the field i.e Psychiatry
References no more than 5 years old 14 References required. Peer reviewed journals relevant books.
Criteria Demonstrated understanding of appropriate sociological theories concepts and frameworks.
Application of sociological theories and concepts to critique the issues related to good health ill health and/or the health care system
Critical reflection on the key ideas and concepts.

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