class discussion question 19

How are problems between teams recognized? What steps would you take to rectify any identified problems? Explain in detail. In your responses to other students, indicate whether you agree or disagree with their steps, and offer suggestions for improvement.
Dyer, W. G., Jr., Dyer, J. H., & Dyer, W. G. (2013). Team building: Proven strategies for improving team performance (5th ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.
Please respond to my classmate response below:
Conflict between teams can come up when two groups must work together frequently. It is very important that the problems are identified and solved because work groups will not be able to reach their full potential for an organization if they are unable to work together efficiently and effectively. According to our textbook, organizational units are subject to conflict because they purposefully function differently than each other in regards to tasks, goals, and the structure of their work (Dyer, et. al., 2013). While this promotes efficiency within the organization when they are able to operate well together, it also can cause conflict. Problems between teams is recognized when the end result of their work together is poor quality, misses their deadline, or goes unfinished. Problems can also be recognized when the teams are not giving each other needed information. Interpersonal communication may exhibit frustration between teams, complaints from one team about the other, or team members blaming the other team for poor performance.

In order to solve these problems, I would work closely with the manager of the other team. As managers of the teams having issues with each other, it would be our job to solve these issues so that we can all be as productive as possible. The first step would be to get each member of my team to write the problems they see between the teams. They would also write the consequences of these problems, and what their proposed solutions are. The manager from the other team would do the same with his/her team members. Once done, we would compile all responses from our team members and write a report with our findings. Finally, the findings would be distributed to all team members on both teams. We would hold a joint team meeting to discuss all of the findings and go over the solutions. The meeting would be an open forum and we would encourage all members to voice their opinions. It would be very important for us (the managers) to continually monitor the situation and make sure that the problems do not arise again. Open communication and team building between our two teams would encourage everyone to work together to find solutions instead of arguing, complaining, or avoiding each other.

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