Clear and Concise Definition of the Problem in the Situation marketing homework help

1. Summary and Central Problem: Clear and Concise Definition of the Problem in the Situation.( Clear Definition)
2. Environmental Scan and SWOT analysis (Focus on the Cultural/Social, Economic, Technological, Political and Legal, Demographic, and Competitive factors)
3. SWOT analysis (Thorough and complete analysis of the macro-environment, using proper tools and concepts, and complete SWOT.)
4. Alternative Strategies: Identify all possible alternative strategies to cope with the problem defined. (Completely identifying alternative strategies)
5. Course of Action. (Conclusions and related consequences and implications are logical and reflect an informed evaluation and ability to place evidence and perspectives discussed in priority order. Identifies and discusses the right course of action.
Suggested Discussion Questions for Case Analysis
Harley Davidson 1. What are the key market research indicators and consumer insights included in the case? What other indicators or insights are needed to guide the brand management strategy? 2. What is the Dark Custom initiative?
And this paper should be 3 pages for double space.

Note: this is my first paper. if some one can do it well, I will have 7 to 10 papers for him and good tip in this semester.

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