Client Presentation

Recommended version of Windows 10 (e.g., Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, Pro Workstation) and specific reasons for your choice (e.g., security features, technical and business requirements).Installation MethodsExplain Windows 10 deployment methods. Which method or methods you think will be appropriate for the upgrade? Consider the hardware specifications outlined in the project scenario.Security FeaturesWindows Security, BitLocker, Defender, Local Security PolicyBackup and Recovery OverviewDiscuss the importance of backing up and recovery of Windows 10. This can include explaining what types of files and data that can backed up and restored. This should address:the problems encountered when Tetra Shillings Accounting fell victim to a ransomware attack that resulted in the loss of critical data.the concerns that Tetra Shillings Accounting has concerning recovering data that is lost due to deletion, corruption, or media failure.the ability to restore system files and settings without affecting the user’s personal files and data.the concerns that the client has about recovering systems that are negatively impacted by an operating system update.Backup and Recovery ToolsYou will need to explain how to use Windows 10 backup and recovery tools to meet these objectives. Provide a brief overview of each tool and how it can be used to address the company’s concerns. Use screenshots to demo how to configure backups that address the firm’s need to recover from a ransomware attack and restore the system to a state before a Windows update, driver, or application was installed.Backup to Recover from Ransomware AttackDescribe how to back up and restore individual files using the utilities available in Windows 10. This should provide the client the ability to restore files lost due to ransomware attacks or other potential risks.Backup and Recover a Restore PointResearch how to protect backup data that is stored on the network. Based on your research, you need to present a strategy to protect backup data that is compromised during a ransomware attack. This will most likely require a strategy to store, copy, or move backups to an offsite location. In this slide, you will need to explain the risks of only having only having a single copy of a backup stored on the network. Think about if the client suffers another ransomware attack and the corrupted data cannot be restored because the backups were also compromised during the attack.How Will My Work Be Evaluated?
As you progress in your information technology and cybersecurity career, you may find yourself making presentations to customers, client audiences, and management. In this assignment you are being called upon to present a high-level technical presentation to your client’s IT Team.
But the challenge you face is in expressing a technical solution without getting bogged down in too much detail. You simply want to introduce or refresh the audience on the key points of Windows 10 benefits, including security and backup methods.
Find a way to relay your solution (and challenges) in language that your audience will find easily relatable.
Communicating in this manner will not always be easy. You may struggle to find the right analogy or metaphor. But if you can master the skill of summarizing your results and recommendations in an effective presentation, you will demonstrate how you use your technical knowledge to convey your ideas to others in a professional setting. You will also earn the respect and trust of your peers, your supervisor, and upper management as an effective communicator. You will be viewed as an employee ready for advancement.
The following evaluation criteria aligned to the competencies will be used to grade your assignment:
1.1.2: Support the main idea and purpose of a communication.1.3.3: Integrate appropriate credible sources to illustrate and validate ideas.2.3.5: Articulate the implications, consequences, and potential limitations of proposed conclusions and solutions.10.1.1: Identify the problem to be solved.11.1.1: Explain appropriate preparation procedures.1.2.1: Configure technology according to stakeholder specifications and requirements.12.6.1: Identify the controls needed for confidentialit
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The post Client Presentation appeared first on nursing writers.
The post Client Presentation appeared first on nursing writers.

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