clinical psychology psychotherapy character analysis

PSYCH 140-01: CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY Your goal is to write a 4-5 page paper (double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman) to demonstrate your understanding of one specific approach to psychotherapy. First; write a succinct description of one, specific theoretical approach to psychotherapy. Choose from the following approaches: psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, or client-centered / humanistic. Describe the theories, principles, and methods that characterize the psychotherapy approach you have chosen. Be Specific! Make sure to use the text as a reference and make sure to cite all necessary information in APA format. Next; watch one of the movies listed below, paying close attention to the story of the target character. Using the specific theories and principles of that therapy approach, explain the movie character’s difficulties and challenges. Make sure to use the text as a reference and make sure to cite all necessary information in APA format. Finally; imagine that you are the clinician assigned to your movie character’s psychotherapy case. Write a proposed course of treatment, from the perspective of the psychotherapy you described above. Referencing the methods of the psychotherapy approach you have chosen, describe what you would do in your intervention with the movie character. Be Specific! Make sure to cite relevant science-based efficacy research. Using the text as a reference, and discuss your expectations for the character’s treatment outcome.
Movie Characters to Choose From:
Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins
Roy in Matchstick Men
Melvin Udall in As Good as it Gets
Writing Assignment II Guidelines APA Formatting Make sure to format your document according to all APA-style specifications. You must include a properly formatted reference section with you ‘introduction’ section. Correct in-text citations and other APA formatting guidelines must be followed. If you need additional information related to APA format check out this website ( This is a link to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL), a nationally recognized resource designed to help college students master APA-style writing.
Was the paper easy to understand? Are your thoughts well-organized, with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion? Do you provide information in an ordered, logical manner? Are grammar, spelling, and punctuation correct? 30 points
1) Is your paper well balanced between information you got from the text & your own thoughts on the topic? Do you demonstrate understanding & ability to apply the material in the text to the assignment? 10 points
2) Do you provide accurate and detailed description of the theories and principles of one approach to psychotherapy (psychodynamic, client-centered / humanistic, or cognitive-behavioral)? 15 points
3) Do you adequately describe the movie character’s challenges and difficulties, from the perspective of the psychotherapy approach you have chosen? 15
Critical Thinking:
Do you demonstrate critical thinking skills in describing the methods you would use, from the psychotherapy approach you have chosen, to conduct psychotherapy with the movie character? Do you talk about the scientific efficacy of the approach and make an effort to predict psychotherapy outcomes for your character? 15 points
APA Format Are sources appropriately cited? Do you support all declarative statements with references to the text? 15 points
TOTAL 100 Additional Comments:

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