clinical psychology unit 4 discussion board

Inside the Teenage Brain
This discussion is based on the Inside the Teenage Brain video in your reading for this unit. Please also take the time to review the Teen Brain website, including the introduction. This will not only benefit your initial post but also your responses to others.

Choose at least two aspects of the videos that you consider pertinent to the study of clinical psychology and discuss those specific aspects.
Why did you choose those aspects of the videos?
Can you relate either your current career or your future career plans to those aspects of the videos? Please explain.

Reading and Resources
Please read the following chapters in your text:

Chapter 6: “Conducting Research in Clinical Psychology”
Chapter 11: “General Issues in Psychotherapy”

Chapter 6 covers the issues related to clinical psychology research. You will read about approaches to clinical psychology research. Various types of experiments in psychology will be covered including as quasi-experimental designs, analogue and correlational methods, and case studies. You will also look at some of the ethical and cultural issues in research.
Chapter 11 explores general issues in psychology. Does therapy work? What is the difference between efficacy and effectiveness in psychotherapy research? Is one type of psychotherapy better than another? These and other questions will be discussed. You will read about the types of psychotherapy that psychologists and counselors actually practice and take a look in to the future evolution of the field.
Practice the concepts covered in this unit by completing the Unit 4 Key Terms Activity.
Web Resources
Read the following research article:

Genes matter in addiction

Please watch the PBS video: Inside the Teenage Brain.
Journal Articles
Please review the Library Guide for a list of articles to read for this unit. These have been selected from various academic journals, all of which can be found in the Purdue Global Library. Though they are not required to complete the coursework for this unit, they will be helpful for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of clinical psychology.

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