clinical psychology unit 6 discussion board

Assessment of Psychopathology
First, choose one of the following 5 Objective Personality Tests (MMPI-2, MCMI-III, NEO-PI-R, CPI-III, or BDI-II) and respond to the following:

How was it developed?
What are some advantages of using a disorders-based objective personality measure? How could those advantages affect both diagnosis and treatment?
What are some disadvantages? How could the disadvantages affect both diagnosis and treatment?

Next, choose a second test from the list.

Compare it to the one you first selected.
How does it differ from the primary test you selected?

Reading and Resources
Please read the following chapters in your text:

Chapter 9: “Intellectual and Neuropsychological Assessment”
Chapter 10: “Personality Assessment and Behavior Assessment”

Chapter 9 includes intelligence testing. You will learn about classical theories of intelligence and the assessments that have been developed out of these theories. You will learn about the differences between intelligence and achievement. You will also learn about specialized testing used to assess cognitive functioning and impairment, neuropsychological testing.
Chapter 10 covers objective and projective methods of assessing both personality and psychopathology. These results are important in diagnosing psychological disorders. You will also learn about behavioral assessments through naturalistic observation and self-assessment.
Practice the concepts covered in this unit by completing the Unit 6 Key Terms Activity.
Journal Articles
Please review the Library Guide for a list of articles to read for this unit. These have been selected from various academic journals, all of which can be found in the Purdue Global Library. Though they are not required to complete the coursework for this unit, they will be helpful for anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of clinical psychology.

Pomerantz, A. M. (2014). Clinical Psychology: Science, Practice and Culture, Third Edition: DSM-5

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