clinical reflection on a patient with diabetes mellitus please see attached

Clinical Reflection Template

What is a clinical reflection?
Clinical reflection is a descriptive summary of students experience during a clinical rotation.The clinical reflection is not based on your personal feelings or thoughts but reflects knowledge, theory and critical thinking applied during the course of caring for a patient.A clinical reflection help to emphasize theories learned in the classroom/clinical environment and strengthens the critical thinking process of the student.

APA format
Cite references if used
Minimum of 200 words
Completed by Week 10 Sunday at midnight and turned into your clinical instructor (email)
Incorporates the questions below
Attach as a word document

Clinical Reflection Questions/comments:

Choose one patient and identify the priority problem. What did you contribute toward resolving or easing the problem?
Give a nursing diagnosis on your patientâ€s priority problem and explain
Provide an example of an incident during clinical that reinforced the theory you have learned in class lectures.
Provide an example of an incident that contradicted the theory you have learned.
What clinical skills can you improve?
What were you most proud (i. e. behavior, skill performance, interactions, significant observations)?
How will you plan your next clinical session based on knowledge acquired during this clinical rotation?

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