Compare and Contrast U.S. Healthcare Policy

Health Policy
Compare and Contrast U.S. Healthcare Policy
Review the health policies of each of the following countries. Then choose a
country from the following list to compare and contrast with the current U.S.
healthcare system:
Once you have thoroughly analyzed the health policy information for your chosen
country answer the following questions:
What is the main focus of the policy standard in this (chosen) country?
What are the similarities to the U.S. healthcare system?
How does the U.S. healthcare system differ in terms of policy?
Where do you foresee the U.S. healthcare system in the future (long-/short- term)?
( Review from one of the the following perspectives: the provider the patient or
other stakeholders)
Summarize the meaning of universality in U.S. health policy versus your chosen
country. (Include your research on the future of the U.S. healthcare system)

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