Compare prenatal care in the US and Canada

I start the assignment with germany, please finish the assignment with the other information needed. Choose one health care issue that interest you; the choices are almost endless! Make a comparison between its status in the US and in one other country of your choice. Some examples: Compare prenatal care in the US and Canada. Compare health insurance options between US and France. Compare end of life care options in the US and South Arica. Compare requirements of childhood immunizations between the US and Saudi Arabia. Compare prison health in the US and Egypt. Include the following information in your post: Definitions of related terms Scope of problem (include data, statistics) Population(s), individuals involved Contributing factors Health, economic, and social impact Efforts to address the issue Personal reflection as a nurse about the issue related to your practice This paper compares and contrasts the health care payer system of the United States and that of Germany. Germany consists of a single payer system whereas United State uses multiple payer systems. According to Ridic, Gleason & Ridic (2012), the United States uses the most amount of money on medical care as compared to Germany. There is low utilization of medical services due to the expenditure of the health services, though the quality of the health services is higher, in the US compared to Germany. On the other hand, the healthcare insurance system in the US operates in the same way as that of Germany in terms of negotiation of prices and aggregation demands. Germany uses the strategy of cost containment and third-party payer for various supply chain costs. According to Böhm et al. (2013), many people are getting a dissatisfied day in day out with the health care system performance of the United States because of the swift rise in the cost of the health care services compared to that of Germany. The United States spends more than 35% of their GPD in health care systems compared to Germany. The United States uses programs whereby an individual saves money in an account for medical purposes and to ensure universal coverage which is not well achieved compared to Germany which is already flourishing. According to Hoffman (2008), the health care payer system of the two countries involves a higher financing rate, and it provides almost daily access to health care services. Both governments of the two countries regulate the financing of the medical services, hence there is reduce competition between the public and the private health institutions. In conclusion, there is difference between Germany and US especially in the financing sector, the role of the government in the health care system and the payment mechanisms. References Böhm, K., Schmid, A., Götze, R., Landwehr, C., & Rothgang, H. (2013). Five types of OECD healthcare systems: empirical results of a deductive classification. Health Policy, 113(3), 258-269. Hoffman, B. (2008). Health care reform and social movements in the United States. American Journal of Public Health, 98(Supplement_1), S69-S79. Ridic, G., Gleason, S., & Ridic, O. (2012). Comparisons of health care systems in the United States, Germany, and Canada. Material socio-media, 24(2), 112.

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