Describe a key role of governance in this process.

Read Case Study 7 Implementing a Telemedicine Solution on pages 609611 in the course text Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management.
Select one of the three high-priority areas identified in the case (e.g. radiology behavioral health and intensive care) to focus on. Consider the questions given at the end of the case study
and in addition think about ways you would apply principles from the Learning Resources to this management challenge.
In the first line of your posting identify the high-priority area you selected for this assignment.
If you were charged with bringing telemedicine to Grand Hospital within the next 1218 months what first steps would you take toward system acquisition?
Focusing in particular on radiology behavioral health or intensive care what considerations would you be most concerned about addressing and why?
Who would you involve in the planning process and why?
Describe a key role of governance in this process.

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