Describe the theorist s background as much as possible and its impact on the theory development. (Include other theories/works that may have influenced the theorist.

10 page paper on theory of unpleasant symptoms
Use Marslows hierarchy of needs to explain importance of symptom management (basic needs must be met in
order for other nursing activities to be carried out). This should be included in one paragraph.Theory of unpleasant symptoms by Lenz & Pugh
Theory Project Overview
Critique an existing nursing theory of your choice. You may select a middle range theory or practice theory. Perform a comprehensive review of the literature on the selected nursing theory. Examine research studies that have been conducted using the theoretical framework chosen. Provide examples of how the theory can be applied to nursing research administration education and clinical practice. You may choose to focus on a specific practice setting (heart failure heart disease cardiac surgery) or you may apply the selected theory to the assessment of a particular client or population group. The outcome of this project will be a formal paper (

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