Describe your eligibility and what barriers may exist to this certification.

Professional Nursing Organization and Certification FormDirections: After completing your assignment you mustcomplete this form and submit it to the Dropbox.The form is expandable and will enlarge the textbox to accommodate your answers. Do not rely only on this form for everything you must include!Please look in Doc Sharing for specific instructionsin the Guidelines for this assignment.
Category Fill in your answers in this column.
Description of professional organization that offers certification: Missionvisionvalues membership eligibility financial implications workable link to website. Be specific. Describe how the organization aligns with your own professional viewpoint.
Certification requirements: Criteria for initial certification. Describe your eligibility and what barriers may exist to this certification. Be specific.
Recertification requirements: Criteria for recertification. Describe whether these are achievable and reasonable. Be specific.
Practice impact: Active membership nursing practice outcomes qualitysafety etc. Provide examples and be specific.
Certification impact: Certification andrecertification benefits for self nursing practice outcomes qualitysafety etc. Explain personal benefits of certification. Be specific.

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