Describe your rationale for choosing this group.

Community Nursing: Facilitationg Health ActionPaper details:
The purpose of this assignment is to provide a description of your group (4-6 Critical Care Nurses) and how you are building participatory relationships with them using Sheilds and Lindseys (1998) health promotion framework and Kaners (2014) participatory dialogue strategies.
Specifically describe what health means to them and how their perspectives relate to health promotion perspectives biomedical behavioral/lifestyle and socio-environmental.
Evaluation Criteria:
1. Describe your rationale for choosing this group.
2. Outline how you prepared for and engaged in facilitating participatory dialogue.
3. Describe the group in terms of who they are their relationships with you and one another and any other pertinent biographical information about them.
4. Describe their core values beliefs and assumptions about health and how these relate to the health promotion perspectives described in the course.
5. Written an academic paper that reflects critical reflective thinking relevant application of course material and follows APA format.

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