discuss its relevance to clinical nursing practice

Task Description (Instructions):
For this task you need to write a 2300 word critical evaluation report. In your report you will critically evaluate a journal article and discuss its relevance to clinical nursing practice. You must choose to evaluate a Randomised Controlled Trial OR a Qualitative Study (see below).
For this report you must use the critical evaluation tool template (available below) to guide what information to include in each section. The template is your guide only and is not to be submitted.
In your report you must use the following headings:
Introduction (200 words)
Title and Abstract (100 words)
Structuring the Study (300 words)
The sample (150 words)
Data Collection (300 words)
Data Analysis (300 words)
Findings (300 words)
Conclusion (150 words)
Relevance to clinical nursing practice (500 words)
You need to include a reference list (not included in word count).
Find the attached Documents below

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