Discuss the continuum of housing and why it is important to long term care.

1. Discuss the continuum of housing and why it is important to long term care.2. List 3 supportive housing options and discuss how they are similiar and different.3. Think about your community and tell us about the options for senior housing in your neighborhood.HEA470: Issue in Contemporary Health Service Management: (no less than 183 words)4. This weeks discussion board is about how western medicine differs from eastern medicine. Research an article about eastern medicine. Summarize the article and explain how it differs from western medicine. You must cite your research!.MGT249: Human Resource Management (no less than 183 words)5. John Santos is an undergraduate business student majoring in accounting. He has just failed the first accounting course Accounting 101 and is understandably upset. Explain how you would use performance analysis to identify what if any are Santoss training needs. Please provide your explanation of how performance analysis would be used.

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