Discuss the differences in patient needs when developing a holistic plan of care

submit a completed final project, in the form of a scholarly paper, Discuss the principles of holistic care and the four principles of the holistic caring processDiscuss the differences in patient needs when developing a holistic plan of careDiscuss the similarities and differences between complementary and alternative medicine and western medicineDescribe the role of nutrition, exercise, humor and music therapy in complementary and alternative medicineDiscuss three main barriers to changing our current healthcare system to a more integrative system of careCreate a short summary of the case file (age, sex, diagnosis)Complete a comprehensive, review of needs or problems discovered, and provide rationales and interventions to address the needsDiscuss implementation and evaluation of complementary and alternative modalities within the plan of careWrite a short summary in 2–3 paragraphs about the highlights of what this course added to your professional practice and the way you will practice nursing in the future

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