Discuss the five stages of team development process? Use 200 words

Health care Questions
1. After working in a hospital for 6 months you have been selected to head up the team to conduct hand-washing audits on all the nursing units. Whom do you want on your team and why? Please provide details with your response Use 100 words
2. Lombardi defines the five basic principles of team orientation needed to assist in formulating team action. What are these five basic principles of team orientation?Use 100 words
3. What are your thoughts on asking an offender to join the team and perhaps provide suggestions on how to improve compliance with hand washing requirements?Use 100 words
4. Laschinger and Finegan (2005) found organizations that promote open honest communication improve nurse relations. What is accomplished by frequent positive organizational communication?Use 100 words
5. Do you think the ethnicity of the candidate influence the person selected? Use 100 words
6. Discuss the five stages of team development process? Use 200 words

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