How can weaknesses be converted into strengths?

SWOT Analysis for a health care organization-A Continuum of Care ProgramA SWOT analysis can help to identify internal and external factors that can help or hinder organization or program success. A SWOT analysis organizes the Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats of an organization or program. The identification of weaknesses and threats indicates factors that have a negative impact to the organization or program and need to be addressed. Strengths and opportunities are factors that have a positive impact on the organization or program and should be maintained. Complete a SWOT analysis for your practicum site/organization or program using the SWOT Analysis template provided
Positive Impact
Negative Impact
Answer the following questions regarding your SWOT analysis:
1. How can weaknesses be converted into strengths?
Can strengths be used to overcome threats? How?
How can opportunities be maximized?
How can weaknesses be minimized?

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