How do the amounts of vitamins they contain compare with the DRIs

NutritionThis week you learned about fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins. This forum will build on that knowledge.
Initial Post: Here is this weeks topicTopic: Using your favorite search engine search terms such as energy boost stress mental acuity and disease prevention along with vitamin supplement. Identify several claims for vitamin supplements that you consider fraudulent or misleading. In your initial forum post discuss the following:What is the cost of these supplements
How do the amounts of vitamins they contain compare with the DRIs
What compounds are included that are not essential nutrients
What disclaimers or warnings are made about the products
How likely is the supplement to improve a persons health Your initial post must be at least 300 words and posted by Thursday midnight EST. You need to state your thesis and support it with evidence and at least one outside reputable reference

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