How will this change effect medical institutions?

Week 4 Discussion 1
Read the Certificate of Need: State Health Laws and Programs article. Determine two advantages and two disadvantages from the health care organizations perspective for requiring a Certificate of Need (CON).
Identify 3 states that require a CON be submitted to state and regional review agencies for any new or upgraded health care facilities.
National Conference of State Legislation. (2011). Certificate of need: State health laws and programs. Retrieved from
Week 4 Discussion 2
Tort Reform
Read The Future of Malpractice Reform article. In your opinion do you think Tort Reform will benefit the patients or the medical practitioners?
How will this change effect medical institutions?
What was one myth or truth that surprised you?
Respond to at least two of your classmates postings.
Baltic S. (2014). The future of malpractice reform. Medical Economics 91(24) 40-44. Retrieved from
Class Text
Wolper L.F. (2011). Health care administration: Managing organized delivery systems (5th ed.). Boston: Jones and Bartlett.
See article attached

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