I. Discuss the process and regulations of Fast Track.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a U.S. government agency within the Department of Health and Human Services. Its primary role is to protect public health, by ensuring safety and effectiveness of drugs, vaccines, medical devices and food products. There are rigorous steps that may take years, and all these steps must be completed before a drug can be approved. The FDA has made some lifesaving investigational drug therapies available sooner than usual by offering an expedited drug approval process, known as “Fast Track”.

I. Discuss the process and regulations of Fast Track.

II. Identify which medical conditions warrant the use of “Fast Track” drugs.

Please answer each question by separated.
You need 1 initial post with 3 paragraphs, reviewed articles Within 5 Years of Publication. You must use APA 6th ed. Please review your APA because beginning this week and moving forward, points will be deducted for non-adherence to discussion board requirements.

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