Identify the accreditation body and quality improvement process.

HIM Acquisition and Implementation Plan
Include the following sections (formal headings) in your report:
OverviewInclude the following:
Describe the background of the selected healthcare organization (e.g. inpatient outpatient doctors office etc).
Note: Include the information from Organization Selection
Describe the type of patients the organization serves.
Discuss the organizations current vision goals and objectives relevant to the information systems.
Identify the accreditation body and quality improvement process.
Healthcare Data: Major ComponentsThis section should include:
Identify the patient-specific clinical information and patient-specific administrative information collected.
Describe the data sets used for processing reimbursement claims and coding standards used by the healthcare organization.
Describe the aggregate health care data collected.
Information SystemsInclude the following:
Describe the organizations clinical and administrative healthcare information system.
Describe the measures or policies in place to protect patient confidentiality and privacy.
Describe the current challenges or barriers related to the current healthcare information systems.

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