Identify who is eligible for Medicare.

After reading the background materials as well as additional information you find from the literature and online sources respond to the following:
1. Explain how Medicare is financed.
2. Identify who is eligible for Medicare.
3. Discuss the benefits of Medicare. (Note: Discuss the differences in premiums and covered services.)
Assignment Expectations
Length: Write a 3- page paper
Kaiser Family Foundation. (2010). Medicare: A Primer. Available at
Kaiser Family Foundation. (2010). Medicare at a Glance. Available at
Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. (2016). Context of Medicare Payment Policy. In Report to Congress: Medicare Payment Policy. Washington: The Commission. Retrieved
Newhouse J. (2010). Assessing Health Reforms Impact on Four Key Groups of Americans.Health Affairs 29 (9) 1714-1724. Available at

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