need 4 papers 1 title page 2 full pages report 1 reference

electronic health reports
Paper details:
Research to an innovation in my field
need 4 papers 1 title page 2 full pages report 1 reference
information need to be in the paper 1-definition of my innovation on topic 2- description 3-problem 4-how solve the problem 5- method of spread 6- limit to spread of information acceptance
also I have the sources that I want to be use
1- Title:Electronic Medical Records.
Authors:Eisenberg Seth
Source:ONS Connect. Oct2010 Vol. 25 Issue 10 p8-11. 4p. 2 Color Photographs 1 Chart.
Document Type:Article
2- Title:Electronic Health Records and Patient Safety.
Authors: Muhammad Zia Hydari1 (AUTHOR)
Telang Rahul2 (AUTHOR)
Marella William M.3 (AUTHOR)
Source: Communications of the ACM. Nov2015 Vol. 58 Issue 11 p30-32. 3p. 1 Color Photograph.
Document Type:Article
3- Title:Improving Health Care Outcomes through Personalized Comparisons of Treatment Effectiveness Based on Electronic Health Records.
Authors: Hoffman Sharona1
Podgurski Andy2
Source: Journal of Law Medicine & Ethics. Fall2011 Vol. 39 Issue 3 p425-436. 12p.
Document Type:Article

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