sarko company had 300 000 shares of 10 par value common stock outstanding at all tim 4373953

Sarko Company had 300,000 shares of $10 par value common stock outstanding at all times, and retained earnings balances as indicated here: Retained EarningsJanuary 1, 2010…… $260,000January 1, 2011…… 540,000January 1, 2012…… 630,000January 1, 2013…… 820,000Pelzer Company acquired Sarko Company stock through open-market purchases as follows:Sarko Company declared no dividends during this period. The fair values of Sarko Company’s assets and liabilities were approximately equal to their book values throughout this period (2010 through 2012). Pelzer Company uses the cost method.Required:A. Prepare a schedule to compare investment cost with the book value of equity acquired.B. Prepare elimination entries for the preparation of a consolidated statements workpaper on December 31,2012.
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Sarko Company had 300 000 shares of 10 par value common

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