several statement of financial position accounts of greenspoon inc follow 1 fv oci i 4374090

Several statement of financial position accounts of Greenspoon Inc. follow: 1. FV-OCI Investments 2. Common Shares 3. Dividends Payable 4. Accumulated Depreciation- Equipment 5. Construction in Process (Warehouse) 6. Petty Cash 7. Interest Payable 8. Deficit 9. FV- NI Investments 10. Income Tax Payable 11. Unearned Subscriptions Revenue 12. Work-in-Process Inventory-Direct Materials 13. Salaries and Wages Payable 14. Unearned Revenue Instructions For each account, indicate the proper statement of financial position classification. In the case of borderline items that could be classified in more than one category, indicate the additional information that would be required to determine the proper classification. (Refer to Illustration 5-1 as a guideline.) Also identify which items are monetary and which are financial instruments (or both). View Solution:
Several statement of financial position accounts of Greenspoon Inc follow 1

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