short term debt expected to be refinanced while examining the 2016 financial stateme 4374141

Short-Term Debt Expected to Be Refinanced While examining the 2016 financial statements of Warder Corporation, you found evidence that the following were not included in its current liabilities on the December 31, 2016, balance sheet: 1. A note payable due and paid by Warder on February 19, 2016. Warder obtained long-term financing equal to this amount paid on February 26,2016. 2. Note payable due 2 months after the balance sheet date, with refinancing agreement entered into 4 weeks after the balance sheet date. 3. Notes payable of Warder’s completely owned subsidiary due its shareholders and payable upon demand. 4. Deposits from customers on equipment ordered by them from Warder. Required: Discuss the assumptions needed for Warder to correctly exclude the previously mentioned items from the December 31, 2016, current liabilities. The balance sheet was issued on March 3,2017. View Solution:
Short Term Debt Expected to Be Refinanced While examining the 2016

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