softdata inc acquires all the net assets of datalink corporation recording the combi 4374272

Softdata, Inc. acquires all the net assets of Datalink Corporation, recording the combination as a statutory merger. The balance sheets of Softdata and Datalink immediately prior to the acquisition, along with fair value information for Datalink’s reported assets and liabilities, are as follows: Datalink also has the following previously unreported intangible assets that meet U.S. GAAP requirements for asset recognition: (in millions) Fair Value Brand names …………………. $10 Software ………………………. 50 Softdata issues 500,000 shares of stock with a fair value of $70 million, and pays cash of $12 million to the former owners of Datalink. Stock registration fees are $1 million and legal and consulting fees are $2 million, all paid in cash. . Required Record the acquisition entry and prepare Softdata’s balance sheet immediately after it acquires Datalink View Solution:
Softdata Inc acquires all the net assets of Datalink Corporation

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