southern inc had the following shareholders equity on november 30 shareholders equit 4374359

Southern, Inc. had the following shareholders’ equity on November 30: Shareholders’ Equity Share Capital: Common Shares, unlimited number of shares authorized, 40,000 shares issued and 30,000 outstanding ……….. $480,000 Contributed Surplus (purchase of treasury shares, May 30) …. 20,000 Retained Earnings ………………. 520,000 Less: 10,000 Treasury Shares ……………. (120,000) Total Shareholders’ Equity …………….. $900,000 On December 10, Southern purchased 5,000 treasury shares at $15 per share. Requirement 1. What is the average price per common share? What is the amount paid to purchase treasury shares on May 30? 2. Journalize the purchases of the treasury shares on May 30 and December 10. 3. Prepare the shareholders’ equity section of the balance sheet at December 31. View Solution:
Southern Inc had the following shareholders equity on November 30 Shareholders

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