.What are its strengths and its limitations?

Duldts Theory of Humanistic Nursing Communication (THNC)
Describe the theory or model.
1. When was it developed?
2. What was the sociocultural context of the theory or model?
3. What are its concepts?
4.What are its strengths and its limitations?
5. Does the theory or model target individual group family community or population level change?
6. Would the theory or model be a good framework for multilevel and multidisciplinary health promotion interventions?
Each question must have number heading section.
References :
Duldt-Battey B. W. (2004). Humanism nursing communication and holistic care: A position paper. Accessed March 15 2008.
Use also other sources. Avoid using books but use nursing and other disciplines articles. I need in-TExt citation APA format. If the passage is not from a source indicate it as one would argue. Very important that it is in text APA citation .

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