What role SHOULD the media have in American government/politics?

Recently Congress passed the new health care initiative, nicknamed “Obamacare”. This bill was over 2,700 pages long when competed. How many Americans do you think read this bill; and, if not many, how do we know what is in it? Is it okay in a democracy when “we the people” who hold the power be so dependent on the media for understanding what is going on in our government?What role SHOULD the media have in American government/politics?Is the Media helping us, keeping the politicians honest, or does the media steer us, the American people, where they want us to go?Considering and using recent examples—Hurricane Katrina, shootings at Sandy Hook, the Boston bombings, etc.—place the following phrases in what you consider the correct order for our country to run most efficiently:News storiesEventsPublic DiscussionsMaking laws

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