What will kill you first: smoking a high fat diet or alcohol abuse?

Pathophysiology Respiratory
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Assignment Requirements:
Essay or review article on the following topic:
What will kill you first: smoking a high fat diet or alcohol abuse?
Make sure for the Guideline line and Marking Rubric to see you are right step and please make sure with :
1) Comprehensively describes pathophysiology/pathology involved and underlying mechanisms responsible.
2) Identifies key clinical manifestations and describes relevant clinical characteristics and diagnosis of risk-factor related conditions encountered in the pre-hospital setting
?? Discusses common complications associated with risk-factor related conditions that impact patient morbidity/mortality or areas of debate (can be focussed around a specific clinical aspect linked to a risk- factor).
3) Accurately describes current management practices and/or therapies and provides an informed discussion of their benefits and limitations.
4) Clear development of themes and/or discussion arguments based on critical review of the literature
?? Diagrams and figures used effectively to support text.

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